Residency School

Residency School

Yelubayeva Maral Kuandykovna


Residency School

The training of healthcare professionals at the residency level is a relatively new model of higher medical education. Since, the tradition of the University is a medical education that provided for a two-stage model of doctor training and the emergence of another level, especially the level of clinical training in narrow specialties that has become in demand and attractive against the background of modern educational trends and a logical continuation of general basic medical training in the formation of a highly qualified competitive healthcare specialist.

In the process of formation, the organizational forms of postgraduate clinical training at the residency level have overcame many modifications. In 2009, due to the change in the structure of JSC «Astana Medical University» and the decision of the Board of Directors of JSC AMU № 2 from February 4, 2009, the internship sector was reorganized into the Internship and Employment Department. In 2010, by the decision of the Board of Directors of JSC MUA from 2.08.2010, the Internship and Employment Department was transformed into the Dean's Office for internship and employment. The Internship and Residency Center was established in July 2020 as a structural unit that organizes the interaction of departments of the university and coordinates the educational process by implementing educational programs of postgraduate education (internships and residencies).

The latest history of the development of postgraduate clinical training at Astana Medical University is associated with the creation of a Residency School in accordance with the new organizational structure of the NpJSC «AMU», approved by the Decision of the Board of Directors in August 2022. The Residency School is a structural unit of the University that organizes, plans, coordinates, implements and controls educational residency programs in order to acquire or change the professional qualifications of a doctor in the relevant specialty for admission to independent clinical practice.

Currently, more than a thousand resident doctors are trained at the Residency School in the NpJSC «AMU» according to 35 accredited educational programs with a period of study from 2 to 4 years, about 400 residents are graduated annually.


The Dean of the Residency School of «Astana Medical University» is Maral Kuandykovna Yelubayeva, who has many years of experience in organizing higher medical education, Master of Management, Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, Doctoral student of the Latvian Higher School of Management and Information Technology, Master of Public and Local Administration, Master of Business Administration (MBA), completed advanced training at the Higher School of Management in  Barcelona, was awarded the state award of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Shapagat medal, candidate for deputy of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the seventh and eighth convocations.

According to the Dean's office of the Residency School, the administrative functions are assigned to the senior methodologist and the leading methodologist, who are highly qualified specialists in their field.


Begimbetova Raushan Kenzhebekovna is the Deputy Dean of the School of residency, has extensive experience in higher medical education, basic higher education, professional training, an engineer-teacher (teacher of economic disciplines and computer science, organizer of economic and economic activities).

Makhabbat Tulegenovna Kultenova is a senior methodologist at the Residency School,  has extensive experience in higher medical education, basic higher education in information technology, a mathematician-computer scientist, Master of Natural sciences, headed the departments of digitalization and student service centers of various medical universities, has certificate on the state registration of rights to the object of copyright on the computer program "Electronic Application OMiS for medical school deans".

"Medical University Student Service Center", "Written Exam" and "RECTE" programs.

Bekzhanova Raya Zhumanovna is a leading methodologist at the Residency School, has extensive experience in teacher education, basic higher education in history, Master of Pedagogical Sciences.

Bektassova Nurgul is a leading methodologist at the Residency School, has extensive experience in higher education, basic higher education standardization, metrology and certification, Master of Economics.

The teaching staff of the University's clinical departments and clinical mentors of practical healthcare, administrative and managerial staff of the Residency School make a huge contribution to the training program, to the educational and methodological support of educational programs, bringing them in line with international standards, and a fairly advanced system of organizing functioning of the educational process. Residency School is gradually being transformed into a recognized University center for clinical medical education.

Throughout the entire period of its history, Astana Medical University has consistently maintained its position as one of the leaders of domestic higher medical education. The diploma of a graduate of the NpJSC «AMU» residency invariably serves as evidence of solid clinical training.

The range of clinical bases of the University is constantly expanding due to the deployment of clinics based on large metropolitan medical organizations, where resident doctors are directly practiced under the guidance of teaching staff of clinical departments and clinical mentors from practical healthcare, the formation of clinical and scientific schools continues, which are designed to make a significant contribution to the training of elite scientific and medical personnel. Most of the graduates of the residency already occupy leading positions in the healthcare system both in the republic and abroad.

The clinical directions formed within the walls of Astana Medical University had a significant impact on the improvement of existing educational residency programs, the introduction of new educational programs and medical specialties, the further development of traditional fundamental and clinical medical disciplines, which led to the formation of an effective system of postgraduate professional higher medical education.

Today, the Astana Medical University Residency School is an open educational innovative structural unit, which represents a whole complex of clinical training of medical personnel, which is based on the trinity of science, clinical practice and education.


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