School of Nursing

School of Nursing

Zaure Baigozhina

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Ensuring a high professional level of training of specialists of secondary medical personnel, formation of civil moral qualities of the individual in the conditions of a single educational space and dynamically changing needs of the labor market.

Creation history

The Faculty of Nursing was established by the decision of the Board of Directors of NJSC "Astana Medical University" (meeting of the Board of Directors №7) dated July 24, 2019.


· reform of nursing education;

· solving problems in the field of rehabilitation within the framework of their qualifications based on scientific approaches;

· reform of practical activities;

· development of international cooperation;

· conducting scientific research;

· self-management and consolidation of the nursing profession

· organization of work of clinical bases;

· organization of joint work with healthcare organizations on disease prevention.


The Faculty of Nursing implements 3 educational programs: "Nursing", "Kinesitherapy", "Ergotherapy", with the following training periods: 4 years; 2 years 6 months; 10 months. All specialties of the Faculty of Nursing have been independently accredited for 5 years.

The Faculty of Nursing participates in the implementation of the international project "Improvement of Nursing at the Master's and PhD doctoral level in the higher education system of Kazakhstan - Acceled", aimed at reforming nursing science and research in the higher education system of Kazakhstan, under the Erasmus + program.

Second and third year students have the opportunity to study at the military department according to the program of reserve sergeants in order to form the military reserve of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as additional recruitment of non-commissioned officers of the Armed Forces, other troops and military formations of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 294 academic hours are allocated for military training under the reserve sergeants program during one academic year.

Students of the faculty lead an active student life and are actively engaged in volunteer assistance. Students of the faculty constantly visit "Amara Investment Hospis". During the visit to this hospice, volunteers help to create a homely atmosphere, help nurses in caring for patients. Volunteers organize walks, communicate with hospice patients, help in performing hygiene procedures, requests and orders of patients.


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