School of Dentistry

School of Dentistry

Detochkina Violetta
Associated professor, Candidate of Sciences in Medicine

       Detochkina Violetta, born in 1973, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Master of Therapeutic Dentistry, Associate Professor of the Department of Therapeutic and Surgical Dentistry - Dean of the School of Dentistry of the NJSC "Astana Medical University" since November 2022. Work experience – 26 years.

      In 1995, she completed her studies at the Almaty State Medical Institute, specializing in dentist. She worked as a dentist at the RNCC, a junior researcher at the Laboratory of Modern Laser Technologies at KazNMU named after             S.D. Asfendiyarov. In 2000, she entered the Master's degree program of KazNMU named after S.D. Asfendiyarov, which she successfully completed in 2002 with a master's degree in therapeutic dentistry. From 2002 to 2006 - Assistant of the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry of KazNMU named after A.S.Asfendiyarov.

In 2010 she defended her PhD thesis on the topic: «Justification of the use of pyler light in the complex treatment of erosive and ulcerative diseases of the SOPR» with the assignment of the academic title - Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Since September 1, 2010 - Associate Professor of the Department of Therapeutic and Surgical Dentistry of the NJSC «Astana Medical University», Astana city.

She has practical experience, owns modern methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental diseases, is a highly qualified dentist-therapist, carries out medical and advisory reception of patients with severe lesions of the oral mucosa, conducts methodical work at the department, prepared lecture material for the 4th and 5th courses on diseases of the oral mucosa, conducts classes on advanced training courses and advanced training of doctors.

           She is a member of the American Association of Dentists, a member of the International Association of Dentists of Kazakhstan; regularly attends seminars of the world's leading dentists; annually participates in International scientific forums and seminars; as an international speaker, lectures at leading universities in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, the Russian Federation and Uzbekistan.

         Has a letter of thanks from the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the title of "The best lecturer of the university".

Author of 112 publications and scientific publications.



Training and professional development of dentists of international level on the basis of modern educational practical training programs


Ensuring effective conditions by organizing a modern clinical dental center for the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of Dentistry in accordance with the requirements of the State Educational Standard


The dentistry course was established in 1970. For 14 years it was headed by Associate Professor V.S. Bondar.

In July 2002, according to Order No. 535 of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a dental faculty was opened at the Kazakh State Medical Academy. This event was an important step in the organization of dental education in the new capital of Kazakhstan.

In 2003, at the invitation of the university administration, a prominent dental scientist, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Temirbayev Maksut Abuovich arrived from Almaty. A great contribution to the organization of the faculty and the first dental department was made by PhD, associate Professor T.U. Batyrov, who worked at the Kazakh State Medical Academy for more than 20 years before the opening of the faculty.

The Department of Therapeutic and Surgical Dentistry was established on March 1, 2007. The head of the department was Dr. Ph.D. - Zhumadilova Anara Zhaksybaevna.

Since 2022, the Faculty of Dentistry has been reorganized into the School of Dentistry, which is headed by Associate Professor Detochkina V.R.

The educational process according to the educational program "Dentistry" is carried out by 33 departments of the NJSC Astana medical university, including two specialized departments: orthopedic and pediatric dentistry, therapeutic and surgical dentistry.


In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 4, 2022 No. KR DSM-63 "On approval of state mandatory standards for levels of education in the field of healthcare", continuous integrated medical education is being implemented, which includes the study of general education, basic and profile disciplines, experimental research work.

            Graduates who have completed their studies under the program of continuous integrated medical education and successfully passed the final certification are awarded the degree of "Master of medicine", a diploma with an appendix is issued, a certificate of completion of the internship with the qualification "doctor".           

Upon completion of the training, the graduate must achieve the following competencies: medical knowledge, communication, clinical skills, professionalism, personal and professional development, regulatory knowledge, research.


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