School of pharmacy

School of pharmacy

Shukirbekova Alma

professor, doctor of pharmaceutical sciences. In 1982 she graduated from the pharmaceutical faculty of the Alma-Ata State Medical Institute, began her career as an assistant teacher at the Department of Chemistry of the Shymkent State Pharmaceutical Institute (now AO SKMA). She continued her scientific and pedagogical activity at the same university at the Department of Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Chemistry, and received the title of Associate Professor. Since 2008, he has been the head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines of the Astana Medical University. In 1991 she successfully defended her thesis for the degree of candidate of pharmaceutical sciences (VNIIF, Moscow), in 2010 - her doctoral dissertation. Since 2019 Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Scientific direction - the development of medicinal products from domestic herbal raw materials. With her participation, scientific and technical projects have been completed under an international grant and grants from the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan. She has published more than 300 scientific works, received innovative patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan for medicines, published monographs. Candidate's and master's theses were defended under her supervision. As a leading specialist in the field of pharmaceutical education, she was directly involved in the development of state standards for higher pharmaceutical education in the following specialties: Management in the social sphere (pharmacy) (1998); Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology (1998); Pharmacy: the standard of multilevel education (2003), postgraduate additional education (2004), bachelor's degree (2006). Author of the textbook "Toxicological chemistry" in the Kazakh language, 5 textbooks. Winner of the badge "UR Densaulyk Saktau Isinin Uzdigine" (2004), the state grant "The Best Teacher of the University" (2010), and the badge "Densaulyk Sagtau Isine Koskan Alesi Ushin" (2019). Member of the editorial board of the journal "Pharmacy of Kazakhstan", member of the commission for grant financing of JSC "NATD", expert of the IAAR.


Formation story

The school was established in 2002. The main Chair of the school is the Chair of pharmaceutical disciplines.
The history of the Chair of pharmaceutical disciplines originates from the organization in 2005 of the course of pharmaceutical disciplines in the Chair of General and clinical pharmacology. Since March 2007, it exists as an independent department of pharmaceutical disciplines.
By the decision of the Board of Directors of Astana Medical University, the number dated July 24, 2019 was transformed into the faculty of pharmacy.
By the decision of the Board of Directors of Astana Medical University, the number dated May 30, 2022 was transformed into the school of pharmacy.
The activities of the school are fully consistent with the strategic goals of the state and the university.
·       Extend the list of educational services;
·       Improving the competitiveness of ongoing educational programs;
·       Optimization of research works of the teaching staff of the departments of the school;
·       Increase of publishing activity of teachers;
·       Increasing the activity of student scientific societies;
·       The expansion of the list of the paid services provided;
·       Improving the absolute academic performance of students;
·       Optimization of the work of the Dean's office and the teaching staff of the departments of the school;
·       Attraction of young personnel from among undergraduates, doctoral students of school;
·       Preparation of PhD doctors from among school teachers;
·       Joint work with other structural units of the University.
Principle of development:
Practical orientation;
Personality-oriented approach;
Dean's office – teacher – student integration.
Mission and goals
Mission: ensure the provision of educational services that meet national and international standards of quality and safety through the integration of education, science, practice and innovative approaches in the interests of the individual, society and the state.

The purpose of the school – development of original educational programs that combine the modules of general education, basic and major disciplines, allowing to form competencies that contribute to the competitiveness of future professionals in the field of professional activity.

The state educational standard of education " Bachelor's degree "in the specialty "pharmacy" allows in the framework of this specialty to prepare specialists in two most popular areas (the trajectory of training): General practice pharmacist and clinical pharmacist.
Upon completion of the bachelor's degree, the graduate receives a diploma with an academic degree-bachelor of health in the specialty 6В10104 pharmacy, qualification-pharmacist.
In the 2019-2020 academic year, a new educational program of the specialty "pharmacy" was introduced in accordance with the new state compulsory education standards. In this academic year, the specialty "pharmacy" also started training on two new educational programs with accelerated terms and the use of distance learning technology on the basis of higher medical and secondary professional pharmaceutical education.

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