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Astana Medical University is one of the largest and dynamically developing medical universities in our country, has a high reputation in the field of higher medical education, its own traditions, both in the provision of educational services and in the development of medical science and clinical activities

On October 26, 1964, the Council of Ministers of the Republic adopted a resolution on the opening of a medical institute in Tselinograd. In 1997, the institute was reorganized into an academy, and since January 2009 it has achieved the status of a University. Based on the decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the University became a part of the National Medical Holding. Since July 2010, it has been transferred to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

It should be noted that not only the name and status of the university has changed, but also the number of specialties has increased, credit learning technologies and a three-stage education system have been introduced - bachelor's, master's, doctoral studies, the number of students has increased, active work is underway to introduce innovative technologies into the educational process. The clinical bases of the University are the largest national and republican centers - subsidiaries of the National Medical Holding.

The University has been consistently ranked among the leading medical universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan for many years. The University's academic partners are leading universities in the USA, Singapore, Europe, and Russia.

The status of the university poses new challenges to us in medical education and science, opening up broad prospects for sustainable and long-term development.


Kamalzhan Talgatovich Nadyrov

Board Chairman - Rector

Zhunussova Aigul Bitimbayevna


Vitaliy Viktorovich Koikov


Saidangazin Dias


Meruyert Gazaliyeva


Bakhtiyor Irkinovich Maradzhapov

Financial Director

Ties Ardak

Managing Director

Noorgul Noorlan

Executive Director


Training of competitive specialists, capable of responding to existing and new challenges to public health, generation of new knowledge and innovations, promoting scientific and technological development of national and global health.


A world level research university, ranked in the TOP 700 in QS WUR and/or in the TOP 150 of QS EECA, continuously developing on the principles of the trinity of science, education and practice, which combines the efforts of professionals inspired by a single mission.

Strategic directions:

1) Training of competitive and professionally competent healthcare professionals in demanded specialties and specializations:

- Priority direction 1.1 «Creating an effective educational environment»;

- Priority direction 1.2 «Expanding the range of educational programs taking into account the needs of the industry and related industries»;

-Priority direction 1.3 «Expansion of internationalization of educational programs»;

- Priority direction 1.4 «Improving the system of support for academic and personal growth of students».

2) Transformation into a research university and its development as a leading center for the translation of new knowledge and innovations into healthcare practice and policy:

-Priority direction 2.1 «Development of the University's human resources potential in the field of scientific and innovative activity»;

-Priority direction 2.2 «Formation of an effective infrastructure for employees of scientific and innovative activities and students»;

-Priority direction 2.3 «Improving the management mechanisms of scientific and innovative activities at the University»;

-Priority direction 2.4 «Creating an effective environment for involving students in science and supporting young scientists»;

-Priority direction 2.5 «Strengthening cooperation on research activities by leading foreign and domestic universities, research institutes, research centers, enterprises of the medical and pharmaceutical industry»;

-Priority direction 2.6 «Expanding the recognition of the University in research activities at the national and international level».

3) Development of the University as an integrated academic medical center functioning based on the trinity of education, science and practice:

-Priority direction 3.1 «Formation of an innovative analytical youth center and strengthening cooperation with medical organizations of the city of Nur-Sultan and the region»;

-Priority direction 3.2 «Creation and development of the University Hospital (UH), university clinics and other scientific and practical bases»;

-Priority direction 3.3 «Creation and development of a simulation center and active development of simulation technologies».

4) Development of human resources and improvement of the management and financing system of the university:

-Priority direction 4.1 «Development of the University's human resources potential»;

-Priority direction 4.2 «Improving the University management system»;

-Priority direction 4.3 «Improving the University's funding mechanisms».

5) Development of infrastructure and material and technical base of the university:

-Priority direction 5.1 «Creation of a new university with a modern base for educational, scientific and clinical activities, social infrastructure».

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